"Stop dumping sex offenders and violent criminals in Chicago's Englewood Community"

After serving only half of his 48-year prison sentence for the murder and sexual assault of 20-month-old Elgin toddler Quortney Kley 24 years ago, Cayce Williams, 47, was swiftly petitioned to move from Crystal Lake and unknown to the Englewood community, placed at 6655 S. Perry.

We, the concerned residents of Englewood, are outraged at the blatant disregard for our community's public safety.

The residents of Englewood have concerns regarding sex offenders being housed in the same building as women and children at 6655 S. Perry Chicago, IL 60621.

Amer Mostafa is the Owner of Link Remarketing LLC and President of the 6655 S. Perry Condominium Association. He owns 9 of the 12 units at 6655 S. Perry. New Beginnings Recovery Homes, Inc leases units from Link Remarketing LLC to house Mandatory Supervised Release (MSR) offenders released from the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC). According to the IDOC inmate search, there are 52 offenders registered at 6655 S. Perry.

As of March 11, 2020, Link Remarketing LLC nor 6655 S Perry Condominium Association hold a business license in the City of Chicago to operate a transitional housing facility for sex offenders.

We - R- Englewood Vocal is a community organization of concerned citizens who seek justice especially when outside entities and parties seek to make choices for the Community that do not serve the interest of Englewood.